COE Data Science Specialization

I am currently in the process of leading the development of a five-course data science specialization in R for students in the College of Education at the University of Oregon, in collaboration with Drs. Alison Hill, Chester Ismay and Andrew Bray. Although the courses will be offered through the COE, it is anticipated that students from numerous social science departments will have an interest, given past enrollment in the R courses listed below.

Graduate Courses

Fall 2018

EDUC 610: Multiple Regression in Educational Research

  • Introduces PhD students in the College of Education to the foundations of multiple regression. Topics covered include multiple regression with continuous and categorical independent variables, regression diagnostics, and interactions. Additional topics include inference based on simulation, contrasting inferential analyses with predictive analyses, and visualization of data/regression models

EDUC 610: Introduction to Data Science with R

  • The first of a planned three-course sequence during the 2018-2019 school year, this course introduces social science researchers to the tidyverse suite of packages and focuses on data wrangling, data visualization, and reproducible research. The final project is a collaborative paper housed on GitHub that is rendered in APA format (via the {papaja} package) and is fully reproducible.

Summer 2018

EDUC 611: Survey of Educational Research Methods

  • This course was aimed at educational practitioners (teachers and administrators), and introduced students to concepts of research design and research methods.

Fall 2017

EDLD 610: Exploring Data with R (4 Credits). CRN: 17214

  • Introduces students to the basics of data science with R. Specifically, the course focuses on three key principles of modern exploratory data analysis: (a) programming and reproducible research through R, (b) transforming data to workable formats, and (c) exploring data visually. The course is taught through the tidyverse.

Spring 2017

EDLD 610: Exploring Data with R (4 Credits). CRN: 37117

  • This was the first iteration of the course by the same name listed above.